Our story

OUR BEGINNING started with a deep friendship that began in high school many years ago. 

As young at heart ladies, each with older kids, we love life and everything it has thrown at us so far - We pride ourselves in living life to the fullest and being able to laugh (especially at ourselves).

Like most parents, however,  we never really questioned the commercial products we bought at the supermarket weekly for our families.  We never really thought about what chemicals or toxic ingredients may have been contained in the products and what they could potentially be doing to harm our bodies, our Kids and OUR potential grandkids' bodies.

It was only really much later in our lives that our wiser, mature, millennial offspring educated us in the direction of using essential oils and natural ingredients.   After much research, we discovered the innumerable health benefits of these products, inspiring us to create our own, and we just knew we had to share it with you all.  So far, we have had so many laughs along the way, which has inspired our catchphrase.

ESSENTIALLY - the only added ingredients we use in our products are friendship and fun.

Narelle & Paula  xo

Our vision is to create high quality, eco friendly, essential oil products that look, feel and smell amazing, and are packed with countless health benefits.